Improve Every Aspect of Your Spoken English
just by focussing on one thing!

Take this 30 Day Boot Camp to put yourself

on a new learning trajectory

By participating in this Boot Camp you will work on improving one skill. By doing that you can experience improvements in every aspect of your spoken English! Hard to believe? I assure you it is true. 

The skill I am talking about is listening.

Enhanced listening enables you to enter into the world of English in ways you may never have before. Listening is the one essential skill you need to develop if you are to hear all the critical elements that makes English unique. It is what enables you to enter into the inner workings of the language, the people and the culture.

In this bootcamp you can come to understand just what you need to do and not do so you can discover the parts of the language that are hidden to all those who do not listen well! You will discover the strategies by which your listening can grow and flourish.  

A 30 day period is a great time to set up new habits and ways of working that can stay with you for the rest of your life.

There will no homework in the way you are used to. Instead we will ask you to do the exercises whilst you are listening, in English of course (but sometimes even in your own language) to anything , you want to. In fact it is important that you choose what you listen to.

"This 30 day Listening Boot Camp will revitalise your learning in ways you can't imagine  

and change what is possible for you."  Was only $1/day.... and now

For a limited time we have brought the prices down to rock bottom.


This is for you if...

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    you have been struggling to get to the levels of spoken English you want to
  • bullseye
    it has been difficult to improve your speaking
  • bullseye
    your confidence in your abilities is suffering as you are having difficulties improving your speaking
  • bullseye
    you are finding that you get bored easily and can't find the energy to keep learning
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    you don't have the resources or the time to do formal learning.

Here is what you will get!

Weekly Videos

The 4 videos will enable you to focus your efforts and understand exactly what you need to do so you can get the results you are after.

Daily Emails

The daily emails will help you stay on target providing ideas and tips. They will also be motivational, so you can keep your energies up.

English Club Membership

You will be able to stay in constant contact with your coach, and also learn from what  others doing in the bootcamp.

A surprise bonus

For those who finish the Boot Camp, you will receive a surprise (and a valuable) bonus


Join a community of like minded language learners who believe there is a lot more to learning English than study, memorization and translation.


Problem Solving

In the English  Club you will have the opportunity to solve problems that have bothered you in your speaking. Just ask! 

Who is the coach taking this Boot Camp?

Andrew, the person leading this Listening Boot Camp is a highly skilled and experienced English language teacher,  coach and author.  You will experience Andrew as someone who knows exactly what you need as soon as you start talking to him. His insights into your language needs enables him to target his work with you from the very first encounter.

His skills have evolved over time, helped a lot by having the opportunity to work with people from all backgrounds. He has worked with professors of Medicine, trades people, lawyers, housewives, business people and students, in classes and one to one. So he is very well acquainted with your language learning needs, no matter who you are.

He has also spent a considerable period of time at better understanding how people learn and communicate, and what gets in their way in doing all that. You will experience this as a person who strives to make you as comfortable as you can be by bringing his humour and his relaxed manner. However you will  immediately sense that there is a lot more to him and soon see that his way of working enables you to start to progress in ways that before did not seem possible.

Get instant access to our 30 day Boot Camp now!
for our heavily discounted prices. 

If you wish to master spoken English and finding it a struggle, enrol in this bootcamp to experience ways of learning that will get you excited. Why? Because by learning to focus yourself in ways you may never have before, you will find doors opening to you that before you didn't even know existed! 

Why Improving Your Listening is Essential

It is impossible to learn a language well without having great listening skills
You can study all you want, translate everything, memorize all the words you come across. Sure, then you may know a lot but will you be able to speak well? No. Listening is what helps you to take what you know and check whether it "works" when you say it. We are now talking about the importance of listening to yourself, not just others.

English (like every language) has so many subtleties and variations

Like every language, we would not have the time to learn all there is to learn without having well developed listening skills. We can learn so much just by listening. We would not have time to learn to use the language like a native speaker without hearing exactly what makes them sound like that.


Andrew inspired us and made us believe in ourselves

"Andrew showed us the way how to ...improve our English enough to be successful . He inspired and made us to believe in ourselves. I improved my ...  speaking, listening ... a lot. 

Liz Didenko , Manager.

Andrew helped me transform my learning

"Andrew helped me in building the confidence that I can learn English with the right approaches. I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life"

Archana Jain, Accountant

What You Get in the Videos

Each week, and in each video you will find out what you can do to improve your listening in a different area. 

  • In the first week, you will find out exactly what you need to do to "upgrade"  and fine tune your general listening skills. Many times it is this area that holds back people the most.
  • In the second week, you will focus on what strategies you can use to improve your listening for ALL aspects of pronunciation. English has some unique features that need special attention.
  • In the third week, you will focus on improving your listening for the structural features of the language so you can put your ideas and words together in better ways.
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    And in the fourth you will find out what you can do to improve your listening for meaning and the vocabulary, so that you understand more AND remember more.

You can start immediately! Join the others who are already on course!

Try it Out 100% Risk-FREE for 7 DAYS!

If you don't believe that what you are getting is helping you, you are welcome to apply for a full refund within 7 days. 



Andrew has this fantastic faculty to bring your English skill further than you have ever imagined.

Andrew has this fantastic faculty to bring your English skill further than you have ever imagined and always with a positive and funny attitude. He’s encouraging, inspiring and the most efficient teacher I have ever met.

Christina Spyropoulos, Physiotherapist 

Andrew is the kind of person who likes to teach person to fish

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." Andrew is the kind of person who likes to teach a person to fish.

Ye Yue, Photographer


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Will I have opportunities to ask questions if I have problems?

How can I get maximum value out of this bootcamp?

What happens after the bootcamp?

What happens if I am very busy and I have little time.

What will happen if I can't view a video as I am busy?

Will my speaking improve if I do this bootcamp?

Do I have to do everything suggested?

Get instant access to our 30 Day Boot Camp now!
for our heavily discounted prices.

Once you go through the 30 days, you will find your listening to be re-invigorated and your listening skills to have new a power and a focus that they may have lacked before. By hearing more, you can improve your speaking more. In fact, there is no other way! Just keep doing what you will learn and your English will keep improving.

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