Books to read

Language Learning Unlocked
This book shows language learners (learning any language) how to discover the language learning potential we all have within us. If you are struggling to learn a language or going too slowly (as most do), you will be shown how to turn that around. The book gives you not only the tools (some as free bonuses) but also the understandings that will enable you to know what you have to do to achieve your goals.

How to Dramatically Improve your Memory for Learning Languages
Many people complain about how bad their memory is for remembering what they are learning. This book will show you that the problem is not your memory, but how you are learning. We all remember things that are important to us, so once you change what you do and how you do it, you will see your memory improve.

English Pronunciation Unlocked
This book will show you what you can do to get yourself as close to native like pronunciation as you want. By eliminating some of the obstacles identified in the book and taking on effective practices, you can mostly do this as you go about your life.

4 Steps to Master Your Pronunciation

The 4 Essential Steps to Master Pronunciation in Any Language
Mastering the pronunciation in any language can be done once you learn the 4 essential steps to it. This free Ebook outlines these steps and provides all you need to know to implement them.

7 mistakes to avoid to successfully learn a language

7 Mistakes To Avoid To Successfully Learn A Foreign Language
As the the title suggest, you will find out here what not to do if you want to be learn English without a lot of struggle and disappointment! This free ebook can only be accessed by registering yourself on the this blog