Coaching Highlights

Many students struggle with improving their English. There are many reasons for that as is explore on this site and in another blog I maintain. On this page I will post bits of my coaching with my clients ( video and audio) that illustrate common problems and how they can be solved by methods that server to empower them. Keep coming back as I will keep adding to this page.

That is how they will learn to keep improving, so they can approach native-like levels in all areas of their speaking.

Here is an example of how not immediately correcting a pronunciation mistake, gives an opportunity for the person to find the required pronunciation himself. This has many benefits for the student.

He is learning to be more observant, a fundamental requirement for anyone who wants to learn how to improve their language.
Copying or imitating someone else does none of that. It really is a poor method of instruction.

Students want it initially as that is what they are used to. Once they see the power and the results that come from the approach practiced here, they soon embrace the new approach.

​One of the biggest problems learners have is actually finding the pronunciation errors they may be making or how they can improve from where they are.

Some try to learn the correct pronunciation and use that. At advanced levels it is far more effective to work from where you are now and to improve on that.

​Some of the mistakes ​you make you can recognise IF ​you listen to yourself. Here is one technique you can use for that.