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The Ultimate 3 Step Framework to Master Your Communication Skills

Wednesday, March 23rd 
12:00 - 12:30pm Q & A after

What if you could eliminate those aspects of your communication that are preventing

you from performing well at interviews or in conversations at work?

How good would you feel? Be part of an empowering and complimentary lunch and learn webinar about communication that will open your mind and help you move towards the future you want.

Host: Maike Schroder

Maike is a well-established, trusted and engaged Career Coach with a wealth of experience in the field of career management, career transition and mature age transition. Her vision is to enhance a person’s careers by increasing the understanding of what they want for their future, because that’s where they are going to spend the rest of their life!

Host: Andrew Weiler

Andrew is passionate about helping migrants to get to a level of English where they don't feel their opportunities are not limited by their speaking skills. He has helped over a thousand people experience what it feels like to enjoy learning and not feel constrained by their pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Date & Time:

Wednesday, March 23rd 
12:00 - 12:30pm  with Q & A after

In this ONLINE Training

You'll learn about...

Discover a three step process that can positively improve your communication skills .

Learn how you can apply this method so you can better perform at interviews.

And how you can apply the same principles to improve any aspect of your spoken English skills.

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