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Conversation and Expression

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Welcome to this program, a program designed for you to take control of your speaking in a way that will enable you to go as far as you desire. There is nothing quite like this anywhere, especially for those at the advanced levels of English.

I will walk by your side till you can do what it takes for you to achieve the levels you aspire to.
You will find everything you need here. You will receive individualised support right along to ensure that your do not get stuck on your journey.

Speak English Like A Local Formula - Conversation


About the teacher

Andrew Weiler

Andrew has worked for over 40 years developing an approach to learning that provides the opportunity for each person to develop ways of learning that can lead them to the English goals they aspire to.
His unique way of working with people encourage them to rely more on their own resources and capacities...as that is the only way anyone can develop to the highest of levels.

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