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Welcome to this program, a program designed for you to take control of your speaking in a way that will enable you to go as far as you desire. There is nothing quite like this anywhere, especially for those at the advanced levels of English.

I will walk by your side till you can do what it takes for you to achieve the levels you aspire to.
You will find everything you need here. You will receive individualised support right along to ensure that your do not get stuck on your journey.

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Module 1 Start Here

IMPORTANT: Please read every word before you start.  This is to ensure that you get the best possible experience as you progress and don't have to unnecessarily backtrack.

1a. Welcome to Speak Like a Local Formula

Some basic and essential information to help your start be smooth and easy.

1b. Register Now For The Live Trainings Q & A

The details to help you get started with the Live Training Q & A Sessions.

1c. Register NOW For Our Private Facebook Group

What you will need to do to register for the private Facebook Group.

1e. Recommended Resources

Find out about the recommended resources.

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Module 2: Laying a Foundation

As with anything that one builds, the foundations we lay play a large part in determining the strength, resilience and longevity of what we build. Here we are laying the foundations of an approach that will put you on a path to perpetual improvement. Without adequately preparing yourself for this journey, your chances of success will diminish markedly.So pay close attention!

2a. Lifestyle Basics

Here we will look at some of the basic things you need to do (and what you need to stop doing) in your life if you are to maximise your progress. Again, make sure you pay close attention to what you find here.

2b. Who We Are

By gaining a better understanding of who we are and how we work best, we can make our learning smoother and easier.

This area is too often ignored, more than possibly creating obstacles where there don't need to be any.

2c. MIndset and Beliefs

Without learning to develop beliefs and mindsets that support your learning, you are going to be pulling around a large heavy metal ball tied to your legs! That will surely slow you down and eventually may discourage you from doing any more work. So make sure you get rid of these weights!!

2d. Listening, A Missing Key

Listening is an integral and essential skill that you need to develop and learn to use to drive your learning. This skill is talked about by many BUT there are very few who really understand how this skill can be developed. 

Here you will get a look at what you need to "start" doing in order for your listening to develop. Right throughout this course, we will be concentrating on this skill, so this lesson is one you may need to return to later on.

2e. Way You learn IS Critical to Your Success

Here we will start to examine what will support your learning and the ways which will undermine your progress. Distinguishing ways of learning that empower you rather than disempower you will provide you with a touchstone that you can keep using.

2f. Momentum, An Energy Not To Mess With

Momentum is a basic law of physics that needs to be understood and not ignored if you are to develop the kind of momentum that will see you keep improving.
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Module 3: The Science and Art of Skill Development

Having the right approach to how you learn skills IS essential. If you were learning to play piano or play tennis I am sure you would not need a lesson like this. However, I am pretty sure that a key reason that you are being held back is that you are not folllowing the kind of practices we follow in learning practical skills. Why? Because our schooling has educated us to believe that language is knowledge. To undo the damage done by all that has been done in the interests of that fiction, this module becomes essential!

3a. The Skills Triad

Here you will be given a key distinction to help you better understand what to learn and when to learn it.

3b. Maximise Your Practice

This lesson will help take your practice to new levels, giving you better results for the time you put in. Too many people believe that practice by itself will get you to the "promised land". The reality is that practice can range from achieving nothing, to being of some help, to being of real help that can guarantee your progress.

3c. A Critical Distinction

You need to get this distinction real clear, before moving ahead. Progress past this lesson without being crystal clear will hamper your progress.

As always, ask if you have any doubts!

3d. Results Driven Practice

This is the kind of practice that is guaranteed to help you progress. Either to the point where you clearly know you need help, or to the point where you know you can move to the next issue. BOTH outcomes are desirable!

3e. The Magic Sauce of Skill Development

This lesson is all about making your learning zing! About finding your mo jo (if you have lost it) and maintaining it!

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Module 4: 5 Steps to Mastery in Pronunciation

This module is one that you need to go through so you can get a practical understanding of exactly what needs to be done to adjust a skill in language. The lessons you learn here will be applied time and time again in the other aspects of language you will be looking at.

4a. Introduction

Make sure you listen to this brief lesson to ensure you get maximum value from the rest of this module.

4b. Elements of Pronunciation

Before we jump in, I just wanted to spend a little time on some basics for those of you who have had little formal English training.

There should be not much new for those who have had that, but it really depends upon how good was this training! :-)

4c. System for Learning Vowels

Here you will learn a way to improve or fix the way you speak by focussing on vowels. This is a critical lesson as a lot of what comes later builds on what is dealt with in this lesson.

4d. Adding a Consonant

This is where you build on the work you did last lesson...by adding a simple element, the consonants!

Doing this lesson carefully so the quality of the sound you settle on then does not degrade is essential IF your progress is to continue.

4e. Adding 2 Consonants

We keep building in this lesson. make sure you don't skip any lessons as we are laying a foundation here on which everything else will sit.

4f. With Consonants Blends

Here the difficulty level ramps up a bit. A lot for those of you who are challenged by some consonants. The blends will test you further. :-)

4g. Bringing it all together

Here is where all your hard work in the previous lessons will come to fruition. This lesson is pivotal to the whole course as it lays out in a very practical way what has to be done to improve a skill so it comes into your daily speech. This process will need to be time and time again, till it is second nature to you. Once you can do this, there will be no limit to the level you can reach. Enjoy!!
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Module 5: Master Conversation if you want to Master English

This module has been put before many others, that I am sure you are waiting for, as without having enough opportunities to speak to people what comes next will have much less value. It is not enough to just to speak to one person.  Talking with a range of people about different subjects will help you build your confidence AND provide the practice time you need to implement what you will be learning.If you already speak a lot great!. However, if you don't, be clear this is a TOP priority!Along with that I will say that speaking at home with your loved ones in English is also a TOP priority. As it is with them you are the most relaxed. It is with them that you will be speaking about things, in ways, you don't speak to anyone else.More on this later!

5a. Conversation, An Essential Ingredient

Find out why wide-ranging and sustained conversations are something you can't do without IF you wish express yourselves as well in it as your first language.

5b. Learn the Art of Conversation

This is another lesson for you IF you have difficulties in talking with people ( in English).

Even if you are fine in your first language but struggle in English, I would suggest having a look at this lesson. It will give you some guidance to help you out.

5c. Is Something in Your Personality Holding You Back....

This lesson looks at the role of personality. It may or may not be a factor for you. Just listen in and decide for yourself.
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Module 6: Word Stress & Reduced Stress

English is a bit unusual as it is a language that uses stress within words in ways that are not usual amongst languages. Being able to recognise and adjust how stress is used within words can make a large difference to how you sound. It is one of the key areas that can create or reduce a "foreign accent".

6b. Stress Basics

This lesson will teach you a physical technique that needs to be mastered, so you can approach sounding like a real local!

6a. Word Stress

The nature of stress and reduced stress lies at the very heart of speaking in English.

6c. Unstressed Vowels

This lesson starts to go deeper into the uniqueness of English pronunciation.

The stressing and "unstressing" of vowels is a key aspect of English. Here you will get a look into the different kinds of unstressed vowels and how you can produce them.

6d. Linking Words

This lesson looks at a feature of English that helps us to understand how we smooth out words and why we stress. This lesson may well need to be relooked at once we get into the rhythm/music part of the course as it can help to make sense of one thing we do to help create rhythms
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Module 7: Grammar and Structural Repair

This module is all about helping you to identify AND fix the issues that are separating you from where you want to be. Depending on your aspirations not everything needs fixing, but it is important to be able to fix issues that are clearly impeding being understood AND whatever you decide does need fixing. Becoming aware that there are issues enables you to make the choice We will be using the exact same principles here that you used to work on your pronunciation. The lessons here will provide a strategy and in the work we do together on the calls I will be assisting you to implement the strategies, as many times as you need till you have it down pat.

7a.Introduction to Structural Repair

Here we will review the system you used to work on your pronunciation and apply it to the structural and grammar issues you have. A must view as it sets up the rest of the module.

7b. Identification

Identifying the exact issues you have is a MUST if there is to be progress. Without clear a clear realisation progress is not possible.

7c. Implementing Change

This lesson will look at how we can best implement what we learn so that we can use it in our everyday speech, consistently. This is the base strategy that will need to be applied as many times as needed.

7c. Professional Language

This lesson explores one key quality you need to develop if you wish to sound more professional. This factor can separate you from others as so many people lack this.
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Module 8: Building Your Vocabulary

We will examine here ways of learning vocabulary that can substantially reduce the problems you may find in expanding and using that vocabulary.

8a. Vocabulary, can't do with out it!

Get started here so you can approach using what you know in a powerful way.

8b. Learning Vocabulary in powerful ways!

Here is where you will find out what you can do so you can learn vocabulary in ways you won't forget AND be assured you can reliably use what you learn.

8c. Broadening and deepening your vocabulary.

This lesson is all about extending your vocabulary in a sustainable way , in a way that you can keep using as you go about your life and in a way that will result is you being actually being able to use what you learn.
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Module 9: The Rhythm of English

This module looks at the rhythm of English, a feature that causes many learners a bit of grief. We will look here what makes it unique and how to embrace it!

9a. Rhythm Basics

This lesson puts you on the road to better understanding rhythm and providdes some basic exercises to sensitise you to it.

9b. Applied Rhythm

Use what you learned in the last lesson and start applying it to normal speech. By now you should have a good feeling for how skills are developed....and all we do here is go the next step. ENJOY!
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Tones Pitch and Intonation

This lesson starts to explore the "musical" elements of spoken English.

Recognising and Adusting Tones

Here we will go into deeper what it takes to recognise and adjust your tones. The integration step by now should be relatively straightforward! :-)

Fine Tuning

This lesson is all about what to do once you have fixed the identifiable issues and want to start work on the more subtle accent issues.
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Using Reading

Ib this lesson we will explore how you can use reading to advance your speaking and other language skills.

Using the Written Word to Guide your Speaking

In this lesson we will be exploring another way you can use the written word to power your speaking.