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Welcome to this program, one that will put you on the road to success. I will walk by your side till you can do what it takes for you to achieve the levels you aspire to.

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6 Lessons

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IMPORTANT: Please read every word before you start.

Welcome to Speak Like a Local Formula

Some basicĀ  and essential information to help you start be smooth and easy.

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The details to help you get started with the Live Training Q & A Sessions.

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What you will need to do to register for the private Facebook Group.

Speak Like a Local Experience

Details about the Live 2 day event

Recommended Resources

Find out about the recommended resources.


Lifestyle Basics

Here we will look at some basic things you need to do in your life (and what you need to stop doing) if you are to maximise your progress.

Who We Are

By gaining a better understanding of who we are and how we work best, we can make our learning smoother and easier.

MIndset and Beliefs

Without learning to develop beliefs and mindsets that support your learning, you are going to pulling around a large heavy metal ball tied to your legs!

Listening, A Missing Key

Listening is an integral and essential skill that you need to develop and learn to use to drive your learning. Here you will get a look at what you need to "start" doing.

Way You learn IS Critical to Your Success

Here we will start to examine the ways of learning that will support your learning and the ways which will undermine your progress.


The Skills Triad

A key distinction to help you better target what to learn.

Maximise Your Practice

This lesson will help take your practice to new levels, giving you better results for the time you put in.

A Critical Distinction

You need to get this real clear, before moving ahead. Progress past this lesson without being crystal clear will hamper your progress.

The Magic Sauce of Skill Development

This lesson is all about making your learning zing!


The Secret to Becoming Comfortable

You might not have any problems with initiating or maintaining conversations in English. If this is the case for you, you can bypass this lesson.