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Discover what you need to do to not only improve your pronunciation but also to keep improving it!

Is Your Pronunciation Letting You Down?

You may have tried many things to improve your pronunciation. It has improved some but still you feel it is not good enough for your needs. You still believe, or at least hope, you can improve, and maybe a lot, but you don't want to keep trying with little reward.  

You may even know you can improve but you just want to see the improvements happen faster.

Are you to blame?
The fact that you may feel yourself unable to progress in the way you want is something you may be tempted to blame yourself for. Well, don't beat yourself up about it. The fault is not yours. The reality is that you have everything you need to keep improving. You have proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt by learning your first language. The fact it happened when you were young does not mean you have lost the capacity. There are a number reasons why that ability appears to be hiding. One critical one is that you have been led astray by, undoubtedly, well meaning teachers and others.

Why you have been struggling?
The reason a lot of people, yes a lot, struggle with improving pronunciation is that they follow the examples and advice of others. These people are in the main just telling you what they think works. The sad fact though is that very few people really know what works.

Most of the ways people use is based on ways of learning/teaching that are more suited to facts, not to skills. Hence, pronunciation is usually seen as something we need to copy and repeat. By doing this however most people seldom get to the levels they wish to. This is especially true for people who have a first language that has sounds quite different to English. Learning for many of them is typically slow if they all they use is the copy and memorise system. What they don't get the first time, becomes something they keep struggling with. This does not need to happen.

Give a person a fork to eat soup with and before too long they will doubt their ability to eat soup. 

Maybe an example stretched a bit far, but I am sure you get my drift. :-)

There are 2 key problems with the copy & repeat method:

  • What do you do when your copying does not work so well? "Keep trying to copy it" is not really an answer when what you are doing is not working.
  • The idea and practice of copying sounds, words and phrases might sound fine BUT it hides what else we need to do to refine and improve what we do.

How to Master Pronunciation of English?

English Pronunciation Unlocked provides an approach that you can use to improve your pronunciation. Once you use it, it can put a stop to your feeling of being stuck, or of just going too slowly. You can use it to not only improve your pronunciation but also to help you build your skills in learning, so your confidence can grow.

It develops what you were shown in the 4 Steps to Mastering Pronunciation, helping you to deepen and extend the improvements you can make.

If you follow the steps, fully explained and demonstrated in English Pronunciation Unlocked, you can start to experience the kind of improvements you are looking for, as many others have. 

Through becoming more skilled in the ways of learning that are suggested, you will continue to make further improvements. As you improve more and more, these ways of learning can become automated. That's when your abilities will start to shine, as progress starts to happen with less and less perceived effort.  The reality is that the effort you put in earlier starts to pay dividends. That's the best kind of investment you can make, where the dividends keep flowing and multiplying.

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P.S.: Invest in yourself and your own growth. The benefits can be far reaching in terms of increased opportunities that can become available because of your enhanced pronunciation. And also in terms of your own heightened levels of self-confidence coming from the realisation that yes, you can!

The Steps Expanded.

English Pronunciation Unlocked takes you through what you need to do to master your pronunciation in an easy to read style. You will find out about what you need to do to become aware of all the elements that make up pronunciation, including the actual sounds, the rhythms and the melodies (so you know where to focus your attention).

  • ​become aware of all the elements that make up pronunciation, including the actual sounds, the rhythms and the melodies ...so you know where to focus your attention)​
  • know what it is you have to do to recognise the differences
  • recognise the differences in how you say something and how the locals say the same thing
  • identify the exercises you may be doing that may be getting in your way
  • learn ways of learning that will help you become more attentive and careful
  • become more effective in making the changes, so they stick
  • learn to recognise the kind of practices that distract you and slow your progress

Some of the benefits you can experience from improving your pronunciation.

  •  You can experience a growth in your self confidence
  • People will look at you in a whole new way
  •  You can stop worrying about your pronunciation
  •  You can stop accusing yourself of being too slow
  •  You can be judged more on what you say and do, not on how you sound
  •  You can feel more part of the furniture and not like an intruder.

 Why This Ebook Can Help You

Become clear about what you need to do to improve

Gain an awareness and understanding of the various areas of pronunciation that you need to pay attention to. Without recognising the various areas, it is nearly impossible to improve on them.

Learn a system that you can keep using

Having a way of learning that you can apply in all areas and one that can help you to keep improving is invaluable. You won't have to keep looking around. Just take on the approach proposed and you will be able to apply it wherever you recognise the need..

Understand the reasons why you have not been improving

Understanding why some of the things you have been doing is not likely to produce the results you want can help you find a better way. Learn to stop doing the kinds of things that are bringing you little reward.

Be shown what you need to do

Read about what exactly you can do to improve.

Reading about how to improve a skill is not necessarily the best way BUT it is a way that does work for many people. Just one idea can flip the switch to a way that does the job. That one idea can be the spark that puts you on a whole new path. If you are someone who:

  • is keen to go the extra mile
  • wants to know how to keep improving until you get yo your goal
  • wants to stop being stuck,

then this book could be exactly what you need. For the price of 2 cups of coffee, you could be put on a path that will enable you to achieve what you never have before.

You will find that this Ebook does not go over the usual methods or ideas. In fact I am sure that you will find ideas and methods that you have never used before. It will provide you with insights as to what you need to do to achieve the kind of sounds, tones, melodies and rhythms you need to work towards to sound closer to the English norms, wherever you may live or aspire to live.


What Andrew's students are saying


 Bich Ngoc Nguyen 


Andrew .... has his own recipe to approach every single student. He knows your common mistakes from the first conversation and carefully works on those areas. If you expect he is going to correct every wrong word you say, you're wrong. He gives you the guidance and key for you to open your own door and never do other similar mistakes. He never tells you how do you pronounce wrong, he let you explore yourself by giving a series of similar words that you pronounce right. You then make a comparison and create your own experiences. This helps you remember...., because it is your knowledge, not his.

 Anh Nguyen 

With me, the pronunciation is most terrible thing during learning English however thanks_ to his patience and guidance, I have realised that speaking English is not as (much) difficult as we thought and I really enjoyed learning with him! "

 Archana Jain 

Before going to Andrew classes I was not aware that to learn English my approach is not completely right. But after attending his classes (ESL), I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life. Andrew helped me in building the confidence that me and anybody can learn English with right approaches

 Maria Di Guisto 

Andrew was absolutely fantastic, besides being an excellent teacher he encouraged myself to believe when I was not believing.

Read Now  - $19.95 $6.95

P.S.: Invest in yourself and your own growth. The benefits can be far reaching in terms of increased opportunities that can become available because of your enhanced pronunciation. And also in terms of your own heightened levels of self-confidence coming from the realisation that yes, you can!

The Author - Andrew Weiler

Andrew has been teaching English language for over 30 years to peoples from over 60 countries. He has learned, through experience, to recognise and work with the unique pronunciation problems that people from different countries face.

He has trained teachers, maintains an active blog for teachers, has developed English Language Apps as well as a published author of of a number of books in the area of language learning, including English Pronunciation Unlocked.

Over his life, he has explored the nature of happiness, success and learning, including what separates those who achieve what they desire and those who don't. His explorations into diverse areas of life has enabled him to provide the kind of insights that take into account the whole person. That has enabled him to improve the learning outcomes and the satisfaction experienced by those he works with.

Do I really need to read this?

You will find ideas and ways of working in this book that can transfrom how you learn AND the result you get. Don't be fooled by the simplicity of some of the ideas in this book. Give the exercises a chance to work by following the suggestions provided and you may well be surprised by the changes that happen. Long lasting changes typically happen incrementally, that is a small step at a time. Master the steps and experience the benefits that result. 

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