Speak Like a Local Formula
# 10 week Online Training Course
Providing unique insights and trainings into how to improve YOUR skills in every areas of speaking.
# 52 weeks Live Coaching & Support (1-2 hr session/week)
from Andrew Weiler, highly skilled and credentialled in the science and art of learning spoken English skills.
# 52 weeks Membership of Private Facebook Group
Gain access to a space where you can get all your questions answered Immediately and meet up with like minded professionals.


# $100 for first month
# $375 per month for  next 11 months
# Cancel any time

# $4225 for 12 months

Speak Like a Local Formula Plus
# All of the above...as listed
# additional 6 months of access to ALL services
# Individualised help with 1 presentation/interview/etc with regards to content/structure/presentation (additional 1h/week)
# additional 1:1 coaching as needed in areas as identified