Speak English Like A Local Formula 

Enhanced Speaking Skills

10 week Online Training Course

This online video course is designed to help you master various elements of your skills, each of them being essential to help you move towards being fluent, expressive and confident in your speaking.  

At the upper levels learners continue to have challenges, which no doubt you are finding. These issues are different in nature to what they were at the lower levels but they still do need work...IF your speaking skills are ever to meet your growing needs in a professional setting.

This course is designed to be done in the comfort of your home at a pace you can dictate. 

You will have limited access to the creator of the course (Andrew Weiler) in case there are any areas that there is any confusion. This course has been created so that should not happen. We just want to be sure by offering this contact that there can be no doubt about that.

You will find the contents of the course below.

Module 1 - Laying a Foundation ( 6 video lessons)
The first module deals with the very substantial issue that learning a language to the highest of levels is far more than the sounds, grammar and vocabulary. It involves ALL of you. If you hold back or find resistance that means there are areas within your personality or how you are approaching "learning" that is getting in the away.

In this module we explore:

  • how to check that your lifestyle does not get in the way of your learning
  • how identify and reduce the obstacles as you progress
  • how to ensure that your listening is helping your progress
  • how to cultivate a mindset and beliefs that support your learning
  • why the way you go about your learning can "make or break you"
  • that ignoring the principles of momentum can undermine any progress you may make

Module 2 - The Science and Art of Skill Development ( 5 video lessons)
The second module explores the very important area of what is involved in developing skills. Speaking (as any skill) is NOT built on knowledge or memory. It conforms to exactly the same principles that underlay the development of tennis or basketball skills. No tennis player, for example, is ever going to try to remember how to hit a ball in a certain way!

Speaking is more complex BUT the way we learn needs to conform to the same principles if it's going to be effective. This essential module explores that, as unfortunately this distinction is largely ignored in most classes and learning systems.

In this module we examine:

  • the key distinctions in skill learning. Recognising them and using them can make all the difference
  • how to practice so what you do DOES produce long lasting results
  • how to adjust your practice so it does produce the results you are after
  • a "magic sauce" that can add  transform your practice
  • 3 critical stages of learning. Recognising them and utilising them can transform the results you are getting

Module 3     5 Steps to Mastery of Pronunciation 

  • Introduction
  • Elements of Pronunciation
  • System for learning Vowels
  • Adding a consonant
  • Adding 2 Consonants
  • With Consonant blends
  • Bringing it all together
  • Linking words

  • Module 4     Master Conversation if you want to Master English

    • Conversation, an essential ingredient
    • Learn the Art of conversation
    • Is something in your personality holding you back

    Module 5     Word Stress and Reduced stress 

    • Word Stress
    • Unstressed Vowels
    • 3 Syllable Words

Module 3 - Grammar and structural Repair ( 4 video lessons)
This module deals with the thorny issue of how to actually fix elements of your expression that you may decide need a fix. This is done from the understanding that you need to amend a skill (much like you hold a tennis racquet) NOT your memory.

In this module we look at:

  • recalibrating your understanding so you see your "grammar" as a skill
  • ways to identify the issues you may have
  • how start and manage the process of change
  • how to practice so that you can use what you change...in your regular conversations

Module 4 - Building your Vocabulary ( 3 video lessons)
The fourth module deals with the often expressed view that "I don't have enough vocabulary". This happens primarily because most people learn vocabulary through memory....not approach it as a skill. Memories we can forget, skills far less commonly. Memories are something we draw on in conversation...not something we use, as we do a skill.

In this module we examine:

  • the nature of vocabulary and how you can use that understanding to improve your learning
  • how to learn vocabulary in powerful ways so you can use what you learn as a skill
  • ways to broaden and deepen your vocabulary

Module 5 - Master Conversation if you want to Master English ( 4 video lessons)
This module looks at why growing conversational skills is vitally important for anyone who wishes to develop their speaking skills. Working on this element in your armory IS essential if you have trouble making "local" friends. Your personality can slow you down BUT should not stop you. After all we are talking about skills! 🙂

In this module we examine:

  • why mastering conversation is such an important step, no matter what your personality type
  • the art of conversation and how it is just a skill, like any other
  • how to ensure that your personality does not get in the way of developing your speaking skills
  • how to love learning so you will enjoy the process, a key ingredient to success of any skill

Module 6 - Using Written English to extend your speaking( 2 video lessons)
In this module we look at how speaking and reading/writing are 2 entirely different skills. Believing that reading more can help your speaking is a mistaken assumption. However, there are ways in which it can inform and develop your speaking if you approach it in appropriate ways.

In this module we examine:

  • how to use what you read to improve how you speak
  • how you can use your writing to improve the way you speak

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

“I am now really enjoying the learning”

"From the coaching, I am confident I now know how to work on my English, I can now guide myself as I know how to notice what I can improve and know how to control my speaking.... I can now positively move forward. I have found the passion again to keep improving."

Irene Nguyen

-English teacher

“I once again am enjoying improving myEnglish"

".....I have learned a different mindset and way of learning. It's more effective and now I feel happy and relaxed in my learning, rather than seeing the journey as hard work . I am once again passionate about learning English"

Jenny Zhang
- Child Care Worker

“My confidence grew”

"Before going to Andrew classes I was not aware that to learn English my approach is not completely right. But after attending his classes, I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life. Andrew helped me in building the confidence that me and anybody can learn English with right approaches."

Archana Jain


“Andrew helped me believe in myself"

".....made me pay more attention to what I say. I found I didn’t have to push myself, like I was used to, because the activities and the way we worked were so engaging and involving. He helped me believe in myself."

Sharon HuaminGuan
- Real Estate Agent

“He can take you further than you ever imagined”

Andrew has this fantastic faculty to bring your English skill further than you have ever imagined and always with a positive and funny attitude. He’s encouraging, inspiring and the most efficient teacher I have ever met.

Christina Spyropoulos


“Andrew helped me believe in myself"

"All of us had just one goal, to improve our English enough to be successful in this country. Andrew showed us the way how to reach that goal. He inspired and made us to believe in ourselves. I think he is an incredible teacher.  I think we were lucky to had Andrew as our teacher. 

Olga Yunaeva
- Housewife

“He gives you the guidance and key for you to open your own door"

Andrew has his own recipe to approach every single student. He knows your common mistakes from the first conversation and he carefully works on those areas. He gives you the guidance and key for you to open your own door and never do other similar mistakes. (his way) helps you remember ... because it is your knowledge, not his.

Andrew knows the common mistakes of Vietnamese and Chinese students like the back of his hand. He has great experience to help you overcome your own accent

Olivia Bich Ngoc Nguyen
- Radio Presenter