Do You Feel Held Back?

Tired of going too slow and struggling?
Do you to feel like you are regarded as good as a local?

Is Your English Holding You Back?

You may have been learning English for a short time or maybe a very long time, and you have got to at least an intermediate to advanced level of English the place and you feel you still need to improve, but you feel you are stuck or maybe just progressing a too slowly.

The problems may be showing themselves in your life now in some way, most probably at work or maybe in your personal life.

There are others who you have seen master English, but you haven't! You feel you have tried everything, from classes, to books, to audio programs, to online programs, even to personal tutoring. You may even have had a lot of opportunity to use English. However, with all this effort and these experiences, you still feel you are struggling to get to the level you want to. 

Yet, you still are hopeful there may be some thing you can do to get past the obstacles you keep coming against.

The Indicators of Unease

  • I can't express myself as I want to
  • I seem to fall over my words sometimes
  • I think I sound a bit weird - pronunciation wise
  • people look at me funny sometimes
  • I keep forgetting the words that I previously learned
  • I can't seem to be able to fit in

Why have you struck problems?

The critical thing to understand is the English you speak is dependent upon what you have tried, not upon what you are capable of.  

Trying to drink soup with a fork will soon have you believing that you have no ability to eat soup. Especially so if everyone around you is doing the same. This is the problem many people face.  Your struggles are not your fault. The people who taught you are mainly to blame.

The reality is that you have already proved you are capable of learning to speak a language at least to the levels of those around you. The fact that you did it when you were very young does not mean that somehow those capabilities have been lost. They are not!

Our capabilities can seem to disappear for any number of reasons. Some of the more common ones relate to the way we are taught by well meaning teachers. No child ever learns their first language through rote memorisation, studying grammar rules, study and simple imitation. Yet that is how most people are taught and consequently believe that is the way to learn. It's a BIG mistake.

Even if you do not do it now, the results of those practices have left their mark on what you do and how you now approach learning.

What can you do to change your results?

The reality is that there are simple things you can do to change what and how you learn so you will start to learn in ways that produce the kind of results you are seeking. Understanding how the changes will produce these results can help you take on the changes so you can keep improving, for as long as you want.  

As well as changing how you are approaching your learning and where you spend your time, there may well be a need to modify some of your beliefs around your capacities and the way to learn. I mention beliefs because so little attention is placed on them despite the fact they can be one of the main factors preventing you from improving. 

"Beliefs create the actual fact" - William James

As well as the beliefs of course, you need to make adjustments as to how you are learning English. If you wish to change these patterns of learning and of the English you use, work with someone who understands:

  • how to find the obstacles preventing you from moving forward
  • what you need to do so you can avoid these obstacles
  • what you need to focus on and do in order to set up powerful patterns of learning

They can maximise the chances of you breaking out of your patterns of learning, behaviour and thinking so you can be put on a path of continuous improvement.

What People Are Saying About What's Possible

“I can now use everyday conversations as a classroom"

"Andrew has really helped me with being able to recognize my own mistakes and my own strengths, and also being able to go out in the world and use everyday life and everyday conversations as a classroom, as a learning environment and so being able to learn everyday, everywhere."

Stella Martini
- Italian Teacher

“I am now really enjoying the learning”

"From the coaching, I am confident I now know how to work on my English, I can now guide myself as I know how to notice what I can improve and know how to control my speaking.... I can now positively move forward. I have found the passion again to keep improving."

Irene Nguyen

-English teacher

“I once again am enjoying improving my English"

".....I have learned a different mindset and way of learning. It's more effective and now I feel happy and relaxed in my learning, rather than seeing the journey as hard work . I am once again passionate about learning English"

Jenny Zhang
- Child Care Worker

“My confidence grew”

"Before going to Andrew's classes I was not aware that to learn English my approach is not completely right. But after attending his classes, I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life. Andrew helped me in building the confidence that me and anybody can learn English with right approaches."

Archana Jain


“Andrew helped me believe in myself"

".....made me pay more attention to what I say. I found I didn’t have to push myself, like I was used to, because the activities and the way we worked were so engaging and involving. He helped me believe in myself."

Sharon HuaminGuan
- Real Estate Agent

“He can take you further than you ever imagined”

Andrew has this fantastic faculty to bring your English skill further than you have ever imagined and always with a positive and funny attitude. He’s encouraging, inspiring and the most efficient teacher I have ever met.

Christina Spyropoulos


“Andrew helped me believe in myself"

"All of us had just one goal, to improve our English enough to be successful in this country. Andrew showed us the way how to reach that goal. He inspired and made us to believe in ourselves. I think he is an incredible teacher.  I think we were lucky to had Andrew as our teacher. 

Olga Yunaeva
- Housewife

“He gives you the guidance and key for you to open your own door"

Andrew has his own recipe to approach every single student. He knows your common mistakes from the first conversation and he carefully works on those areas. He gives you the guidance and key for you to open your own door and never do other similar mistakes. (his way) helps you remember ... because it is your knowledge, not his.

Andrew knows the common mistakes of Vietnamese and Chinese students like the back of his hand. He has great experience to help you overcome your own accent

Olivia Bich Ngoc Nguyen
- Radio Presenter
Andrew Weiler

Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Materials Developer & Author

Who am I?

I have spent my teaching life becoming the best English language teacher I could possibly by ensuring that I have my students improve the way they learn, not just learn English.

I searched out world renowned educators and personal development figures, all in the interest of better understanding how we learn and what prevents us from achieving our goals.

I discovered early on that we are held back more by our own beliefs, attitudes and thoughts, not by our genes, our family and our environment. We have tremendous potential to improve on who we are, and escape the boundaries others and ourselves have consciously and unconsciously created.

I take on each person with the same care, looking for what I can do so each person can improve their English, their learning effectiveness and their confidence to the levels they desire. The approach and techniques I use are all carefully selected with this end in sight.

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