The first series of videos is taken from a 30 Day Listening Online Bootcamp I ran early in 2018. This series of videos explores what you need to understand AND do if you wish to improve the quality of your listening. You will find some gems here, some of which I would have covered in our coaching sessions, however in less detail. There will also be content that I may well not have covered with you.


The first video goes into why listening is so important in learning languages. The quality of your listening will determine the quality of your speaking. It is unlikely that your speaking will ever outperform your listening. 

This video lays the foundation. As I am sure I have mentioned, laying a correct foundation is critical for building strength and resilience in higher order skills. 

So, make sure to watch this. Otherwise you will only get limited benefit from the succeeding videos.


This video looks at how exactly you can use your listening to improve your pronunciation. There are different stages in learning you need to become aware of and start implementing if you really wish to improve or refine your pronunciation

Forms and Structure

This video looks at how you are able to use your listening to improve and refine the way you put your English together


Listening to meaning is of course fundamental however many English language learners don't fully recognise how they can use their listening to meaning to improve their understanding and use of the language