Dramatically Improve your Memory 

for Learning Languages

Do you

  • 1
    believe your memory is preventing you from learning a new language?
  • 2
    think your memory skills are letting you down and forcing you to learn slowly?
  • 3
    believe that it is the memory of your students (if you are teacher) that is letting them down?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,

then you may be surprised to hear that the answer can also be a no! 

The rates of successful language learning world wide are truly alarming. Independent studies have shown, for example, that less than 5% of adults who study English as a second language ever make it to full proficiency. My personal experience as a teacher would back that up. A key part of this failure is that people forget a lot of what they learn.

You may be wondering why what you are doing is so wrong, if so many people are doing the same thing you are. Well, do you want to get the same results they're getting?? I wouldn’t think so! But it doesn't have to be that way. I want to let you in on a little language learning secret. 

You see, a common trait shared by most successful language learners is they enjoy learning and they don't believe they have bad memories. Why? Not because they are any different to you! But because they’ve figured out ways to learn that work AND are fun...

It’s important to remember that effort does NOT necessarily lead to success. Digging a large hole with a spoon will require a lot of effort! The issue is to work smarter and find the right tools, and to enjoy it. Because without that we will soon give up.

Most language learners just keep using the wrong tools and find it all too hard. So, they spend hours working on trying to remember what they learn. But as soon as they need it, they either can't remember or if they can they don't know how to use it! UGH!

That’s why so many give up. Don’t get me wrong, learning languages isn't always going to be a walk in the park. However, everything changes when you start getting results, can use what you have learned and you enjoy the process.


Andrew been working in the field of learning and teaching of languages for over 35 years. In that time he has been fortunate enough to not only have loads of experience both in the teaching and learning of languages. but also to have come in contact with some outstanding inspiring educators and a host of transformative ideas.

He has found that it is one thing to be able to learn multiple languages but it is a whole different matter to be able to provide what skilled AND struggling language learners need so they can improve their retentive powers and memory. He has been successful at helping his students making changes as to how they approach what they do so they get far better results in memory area of their language learning. How they go about learning so retention is a natural outcome is at the heart of it.

Andrew Weiler

What People Are Saying...

I was not aware the way I was not learning was not right.

"Before going to Andrew classes I was not aware that to learn English my approach is not completely right. But after attending his classes (ESL), I learned new and really effective ways to learn English, which I implemented in my daily life. Andrew helped me in building the confidence that me and anybody can learn English with right approaches."

Archana Jain (Teacher)

I learned to believe in myself.

"Andrew is an excellent teacher and such a positive person that makes his classes very enthusiastic and makes you feel more interested to study. Being a student of Andrew was absolutely fantastic, besides being an excellent teacher he encouraged myself to believe when I was not believing: “to be confident in my English language skills”!

Maria Di Gusto (Physiotherapist)

I didn't feel like I had to push myself, as I was so engaged.

My experiences in language learning enabled me to quickly see that Andrew has a unique ability to engage me and make me work through the problems that I had. His teaching …….. made me pay more attention to what I say. I found I didn’t have to push myself , like I was used to, because the activities and the way we worked were so engaging and involving. He helped me believe in myself.

Sharon Huamin Guan (Real Estate Agent)

Is This Ebook Right For You?

This Ebook is not for everybody. See if it is right for you!

Which Language learners is this for

  • ones who struggle to remember what they learn
  • ones who wish to improve the way they are learning
  • ones who wish to be able to remember AND be able to use what they learn

Which Language learners is this not for

  • Ones who believe they are learning as well as they can
  • ones who believe they cannot improve
  • ones who believe they have no issues with their memory or learning

Making large improvements 

usually require 3 basic steps:

  1. Recognising the need to change (By being here, I think that qualifies for you to say yes, you have taken this step)
  2. Discovering the steps that will enable you to achieve your goal ( By reading this book, I will guarantee …yes, guarantee that you can achieve your goal as long as you also take step 3!)
  3. Doing what is required. ( If you purchase this book and find after implementing these steps your memory is no better, I will refund your money, no questions asked.

I am not suggesting anything which any reasonable person could not do. 

One key reason why somethings appear hard to do for long periods is the way you are doing it. Just imagine trying to bicycle with one leg. Difficult, to be sure. When you use 2 legs, it is MUCH easier. If you do as I suggest in this ebook, it will make it seem like “you are pedalling with two legs not one”!.

What have you got to lose with a money back guarantee? Not much really. But you stand to gain a lot! Once your memory is properly employed, your language learning can start to gain some traction!

Don't struggle with your memory: Get this Ebook today!

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