August 9

Language Learning Techniques


language learning techniques

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  • Would most foreign learners of English especially beginners prefer
    bilingual English learning courses to monolingual English courses?

    In my view it is easier for foreign learners, especially for absolute
    beginners to study English through their native language explanations of
    English pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary for easier, better and
    quicker understanding. Non-native teachers of EFL know that perfectly

    • The problem here Michael is that even though this method is popular, it leaves 2 huge questions unanswered:

      1) How do you go from intellectual understanding to a skill? The path is not an easy one and one, hence the massive drop out rates in language courses. I am not suggesting this is the only reason for it, but it is a key one. Confidence in usage comes from use not from understanding.
      2) How do you develop language learning skills that are independent of explanations? These skills must be developed by anyone who wishes to become proficient.

      How much better would be to start with an approach, from day 1, which calls on those language learning skills which we will keep using to the very end!

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