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​Are you struggling or just wishing to ​move faster, with your English pronunciation?

This 10 day challenge will ​carefully guide you so you can improve AND stabilise ​a key pronunciation issue you have! ​From learning to master one problem, you will gain insights and skills to keep improving on others you may have.

To enter this 10 day challenge  you will need to have at least one pronunciation issue you are fully aware that you have.  (​!f you are not aware of what issues you may have, see below​ *)
Please note: If you don't know what issues you have, this challenge is not for you.

​This challenge will only focus on vowel issues. 
(Consonant and other issues will be the subject of ​later challenges,
 each one requiring different strategies)

​What will this challenge do?

In this 10 day challenge, ​you will be taken through the steps ​from considerably improving the skill of pronouncing a vowel sound​ to using it within normal speech.
(You ​​can do more than one, however maximum benefit 
​will be gained by focussing on one problem at a time)

We are not talking about mindless drilling here, or generic exercises. I will be taking you through highly targeted exercises and routines
​that I use with the clients that I coach.  There is a science to mastery. It doesn't happen by accident. It depends on you following the necessary steps that you will be taken through in this challenge.

​Mastery is not ​just being able to say the correct sound by itself or in a word, but to be able to use it in ​other words where the sound occurs. Then to be able to say these words accurately, 
in a smooth and effortless manner whilst you are speaking to others. Achieve all this and you will know you are on the way!

Here’s What ​Will Happen In This Challenge

There will be a lesson posted each day, with a video and downloads as needed. Each ​lesson will take you through one step. There will be some extra bonus lessons at the end.

If you have any problems completing ​any step​, you will be able to ​ask questions under the lesson where you are experiencing a problem. ​All questions will be answered in a timely way under the question asked​, so that not only you but all the others in the challenge can benefit from ​your questions. ​

My commitment is that I will be there for you as long as it takes you to complete each step. ​Which means that you experience measurable improvement ( ​as heard by you). 


​This is a 10 day challenge, with a lesson on each day. However I will provide ​3 additional lessons. This is to ensure that you have everything you need to not only master a sound ​concern you have but also to be able to use ​the improved version whilst you are speaking, in ​everyday ​use.

Bonus 1
​​Stress in Words

​English, as most of you will understand, uses stress in multi-syllable words. Stress typically affects the way we pronounce at least one of the vowels in these words. 

Understanding how stress works is a step towards mastering its production.

This bonus will not ​deal with all the elements in its production, but will put you on the path to its mastery.

Bonus 2

​This lesson will address the issue of what to do when you ​encounter a seemingly insoluble problem in the challenge. 

You will be provided here with a step by step methodology, so you will be able to solve the problems you ​meet.

Bonus 3
​Approaching native-like

​My commitment, as stated above, is that you make a measurable improvement, ​ Improvements in skills happen step by step.

To expect to be "be a maestro pianist after learning to play a song is not realistic". In pronunciation, sometimes it can happen! :-) In the event it does not, you will be provided with a methodology here that you can use to keep improving.

About The ​Challenge Leader,
(​Andrew Weiler)

​​Andrew has been ​helping English language learners like you to grow their skills and confidence in speaking English over the past 4 decades.  His strong belief, backed up by his experience, is that very learner can move towards being as competent and as confident in English as they are in their first language. What stops them is what they are doing AND not doing.

He has taught all areas of English to people from over 60 countries, trained

English language teachers, written books and currently he is creating online materials and ​coaching learners at ​the upper levels of speaking.

Here’s what people are saying about ​Andrew

​Stella Martini

​Italian Teacher

​(Now) able to recognise my own mistakes

​Andrew has really helped me with being able to recognise my own mistakes... and also being able to ...use every day life and everyday conversations as a classroom, as a learning environment and so being able to learn everyday, everywhere.

​Irene Nguyen


​I have become more fluent ( and accurate)

​I really learned...how to focus on myself and become an independent learner. I have become more fluent ..since noticing final sounds and moving from one word to another.

​Jenny Zhang

​Child Care Worker

​Learning English us now enjoyable

​I learned to pay more attention to the details. (Through his) method I learned to become passionate about learning English, I feel now that learning English is enjoyable.

​Why is it that so many people get stuck at a level?

Th​e reality is that each of us has what it takes to get as close to native-like level as we wish. What stops us is all about what we are doing and not doing. There ​maybe other factors but a key, without a doubt, is what we are doing to improve. Just imagine trying to get through a brick wall with your bare hands. Never going to happen! Once you understand that you need specific tools and methods, everything changes.

You can get stuck at any level, beginner to advanced!

In this challenge you will be taken through the steps that will enable you to master a particular "vowel issue" you may have. You will be able to apply this technique to any other vowel problem you can identify so you won't get stuck. Approaching native-like is all about becoming increasingly sensitive to sounds and knowing how to use that sensitivity to drive your ​improvements.

​Enrolments for the

10 Day Challenge close

​May ​7, ​2020


*What happens if you have no exact idea where your issues are?

 If you have no idea about what your pronunciation issues are, or you want to get some ​professional input on your issues I am heavily reducing the cost of a service that I offer - to ​identify your pronunciation issues.

For this special, you will ​get feedback on 5 issues you haveprioritised in terms of importance.  You can then choose which one you wish to work on.

You can get this service for only AU$5, available at this price until the challenge is finished.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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