Speak English Like a Local Formula

The Program

  • This program is designed for professionals who already have a good level of English but wish to move closer towards it.
  • It is NOT your regular English training program as it is entirely focused on your skills and needs. 
  • It is designed for motivated people who want to transform from who they are now to who they want to be
  • We make a guarantee that we will get you there as long as you show up and are honest in that space.

The program as explained consists of 3 parts:

  1. An 10 week online video program that can be completed in learner's own time, whenever they want. This program provides
    a. necessary  information
    b. an indepth step by step look at the methodology that is used throughout the program
    c. advice as to what learners can do to daily and generally to maximise their learning in every area.

  2. A once a week zoom training session that goes for 1 - 2 hours. This part of the program is designed to provide each participant with
    a. the individualised practical guidance needed,
    b. the place to ask any questions,
    c. insight as to how to work best and overcome the difficulties in a timely way
    This is done through the coaching received as well as through listening to how others deal with the issues that arise for them...many times the same will arise for you, possibly at a later stage.

  3.  Membership of a private Facebook group where members of the program can
    a. ask questions at any time and get timely answers ( typically within a couple of hours)
    b. upload sound or other files as needed
    c. be part of a community of like minded learners

Program Fees                                                                        

Speaking Formula (1 year)
# 10 week Online Training Course
# 12 weeks of Live Support ( 1 - 2 hr session /week)
# 12 weeks Membership of Private Facebook Group

$495 per month x12 $5940

Speaking Formula Maxed (2 x 1 year)
# 10 week Online Training Course
# 52 weeks of Live Support ( 1 - 2 hr session /week) x 2
# 52 weeks Membership of Private Facebook Group x 2

1 payment now


Your Coach

Andrew has worked in the industry for over 40 years as a teacher, lecturer, author and coach.
The best way of looking at his experience & credentials is to check out his LinkedIn Profile

*Note: this offer is only available for 24 hours.

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