Book in a Strategy session

with Andrew

What you’ll gain from this Strategy Session:


Gain a better understanding as to what you need to do so you can learn to identify the areas of your speaking that are letting you down. As part of this, you will be provided with key and actionable insights into where your speaking is letting you down.


You will also be given an understanding of the strategies that you will need to adopt IF you are to make the required changes. These insights will be based on your identified problem areas


In addition you will be provided with a personalised insights as to how you can make these changes a regular part of your speaking

Once you have booked a place, you will provided with a selection of available days and times.

About Andrew Weiler

Over his 40+ years of work in this field, teaching at Universities, colleges and schools, he has been singularly focussed on finding out why so many people struggle learning English and implementing practices that can help learners achieve their speaking goals without avoid undue struggle and frustration.