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Elizabeth Didenko 

            I was frustrated for a long time about my English, and I tried many ways to improve my English level by myself, but I couldn't see much worked.

Andrew's work was different... There were no boring separate exercises to do! Andrew is good at creating a relaxed atmosphere... (so)  felt comfortable to talk. When we started to talk, he started to listen carefully to the words we used, and then tried to figure out what the problems we had. He pointed out our problems .... He never told us the answer straight away, just guided us to move to the right track. Andrew always encourages everyone. He encourages us to be a positive and be active English learners ..... in our life.

I think I was very lucky to meet such a good teacher. Confucius say: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I think Andrew is the kind of person who likes to teach a person to fish.


Achieve the English levels you are after!


We believe that any person is capable of learning a second (or more languages) successfully. We all have done it once! Why so many people struggle with a second is that they go about it in ways that virtually guarantee that outcome. As soon as you discover ways of learning that work, that attract you, that inspire you then the results will follow.
Our intention is to help you recognise and find that potential within you by:

  • showing you ways that ways that work
  • working to eliminate ideas and practices that make you stumble
  • providing a range of services and resources that can guide you to success

Written Resources

We have a range of written resources that can help those who want not only improve their English but ALSO how they go about it. So they will learn more effectively, with more satisfaction and in ways that can be continued to used without the help of others.

Digital Resources

We are working on a number of online resources that can help you improve your English. Currently we have a pronunciation service that can help assess where you are at and prioritise what you need to do. 


For those who want the personal touch, our coaching services are second to none. They are designed to help you overcome the blocks you may be facing, put you on the course for continual improvement and provide the kind of input that all people yearning for success look for. Check our our free coaching service, available only for a limited time.

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