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Are you Stuck?

No matter what level of English you get to, it is easy to get stuck. It may be the pronunciation, it may be the way you put sentences together or it may be expressions you are using, or.....

You may have tried many things to move ahead but somehow you still appear to be moving very slowly, if at all.  

Once this happens, various thoughts can start creeping in, such as "I don't really have the talent", "I really am not good enough", "My ears, my mouth just can't do what they need to"....etc.

Eventually, you may even settle for where you have got to. Sometimes though doubts may start creeping in and you start thinking, "There must be a way so I can move ahead and so I will not be held back and feel 2nd rate."

Yes, there is a way.....

Why you may be struggling.

I can assure you the problems you are experiencing have little to do with your talent, your memory or your "frozen" mouth or ears. The issues you are experiencing are all to do with what you are doing AND not doing.

Just imagine trying to bring down a brick wall using no tools, only your hands. It's going to be a problem right...and the problem is only to do with not using the right tools.

The fundamental issue that is not being grasped....and you are not alone in this....is that speaking a language is a skill, more correctly a whole bunch of skills. Learning skills is VERY different to learning knowledge. Yet so much of language learning present day practices rely on memory and memorisation. I ask you, what skill did you ever learn through memorisation? Basketball? Driving? Programming? Negotiating? None!

Ignoring what we do to learn these skills is a recipe for struggle!

Stopping the struggle.

Skills learning/mastery requires a certain kind of engagement that is best described by what we do when we learn to ride a bike. Anything but full engagement will result in struggles, unnecessary pain and embarrassment.

There is a lot more to learning skills and that is what we are concerned with in these pages. Understanding what it takes and what sorts of things you need to do and not to to ensure you are working on your skills and not knowledge.

Do look around...
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We believe that any person is capable of becoming as good in English as they are in their first language. We all have done it once! Why so many people struggle with a second language is that they go about it in ways that virtually guarantee that outcome. As soon as you discover ways of learning that work, that attract you, that inspire you then the results will follow.
Our intention is to help you recognise and find that potential within you by:

  • showing you ways that ways that work
  • working to eliminate ideas and practices that make you stumble
  • providing a range of services and resources that can guide you to success

These are our high demand services

You may have got a good level of English, enabling you to get your degree, or interact with other English speakers quite well BUT you still feel uncomfortable. No matter how hard you work at it, you can't shake that feeling that you are not good enough.
Other people's reactions to you sometimes confirm that and make you feel less than who you really are.

Free Online Class

This free online class will provide you with 3 strategies to help you transform your English. It will reveal:

1. Why you can't work out exactly what to improve and how to fix that permanently.
2. Why what you do doesn't improve how you speak and how to turn that around in a few easy steps.
3. Why your confidence doesn't seem to improve despite your best efforts and what you can do about that now.