This site is all about providing what is necessary so that any English language learners can see that they can learn English to the highest of levels, if they go about it in ways that work. These ways need to be intrinsically attractive and engaging so you are drawn to learning, rather than pushed away from it because it is an unattractive struggle. Along with that, as your skills and confidence grow at the same time, you will feel energised to continue.

I have spent my teaching life working out ways that can do all that. I have persistently sought ways that work and what makes people (me included!) happy and fulfilled.  This has helped me to better understand what I need to do as coach, so you can get as close as possible ( and that is REAL close) to native like proficiency.

The books I have written, the blog that I have maintained for some years now have mainly worked at approaching the issues from text. This site is aimed at providing practical means for English language leaners to achieve their language goals

The services and products provided are being added to regularly so do keep checking in, or just register your interest on the home page.