The series of videos is taken from a Webinar program I ran in 2018 for a group of my clients. These are not available for public consumption. This series of videos explores what you need to understand AND do if you wish to avoid getting stuck at a level of English. Most if not all learners find themselves plateauing at some stage. To ensure you don't get stuck too long there, listen to these. Some of the material we may have covered in our coaching sessions. However there will be a lot of new material here. 

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The first video goes into why the foundations of a spoken language are built on sounds. Without recognising and mastering how to produce them and their combinations, everything else will suffer...including your confidence.

Of course the rhythms and melodies of a language form part of that foundation. They are separate and are usually built on the actual sounds or phonemes of the language.


One of the easy ways to get stuck is not to master the foundations of how English works. Without mastering these, of course what is built on there will remain shaky. 

Find out what are these structural foundations and how you can go about "fixing" them up or possibly even rebuilding them.


Learning to recognise, deconstruct and remake habits is the requirement of any one who want to keep improving their performance. Find out here why this is such an important area and what you can do about it.


Anything you wish to be really good at, you will need to do/use. Many learners think practice is enough. There is some practice which is nearly useless and can in fact be counter productive. Then there is some that can be useful. Some very useful. Find out what!


One of the mistakes that many make is to "push" their learning and keep at it even if they are not engaged in what they are doing. Listen in to find out why this is a BIG mistake and what you can do about it.