Learn How to Stop being Stuck

Learn Vocabulary So You Can Recall
AND Use What You Learn

A short clip explaining that by stopping this one practice you ARE going to improve your capacity to recall and use the words you learn.

This follow up clip to the one on the left explains what kind of practices enable you to recall and use words you learn.

Understanding Learning (&Teaching) Pronunciation
(in ways that focus on the learning process)

These 4 clips all show examples of how learners, by using their own powers of attention, awareness and perception can work out how to improve their own pronunciation.

Everyone can learn these skills and use them for themselves without the use of a teacher. A skilled teacher who understands this kind of learning can provide the conditions where you learn these skills. 

3 Elements to Success
plus the secret spice!

This series of clips explores the 3 key elements to success. Without all three fully working and visible your chances of success can fall a lot.
There is also a secret spice that you need to add to all 3 to make sure they are all working at maximum efficiency!